Sea Pens are located in oceans all over the world in a variety of colours and have fossils dating back to the Burgess Shale.

Despite their plant-like appearance and lack of movement, they are actually a community of organisms living together in each organism; with different regions being responsible for a function such as filtration, reproduction and feeding. These are also able to be kept in aquariums but are very difficult to care for.   


Sandcastle artist Calvin Seibert just returned from a trip to Hawaii where he created numerous new geometric sand structures.


Digital Artefacts by Bart Hess presented at Architecture Triennale in Lisbon: ”A body plunges into the liquid; a crust of wax crystallises around its curves and folds, growing architectural forms, layer by layer.”

"Our bodies are end­lessly photographed, monitored and laser scanned with millimetre precision. From this context of surveillance, facial recognition, avatars and virtual ghosts, we imagine a near future where digital static, distortions and glitches become a new form of ornament. For the youth tribes of future perfect the body is a site for adaption, augmentation and experimentation. They celebrate the corrup­tion of the body data by moulding within their costumery all the imperfections of a decaying scan file. Shimmering in the exhibition landscape is a network of geometric reflec­tive pools of molten wax. Their mirrored surface is broken by a body, suspended from a robotic harness, plunging into the liquid. A crust of wax crystallises around its curves and folds, growing architectural forms, layer by layer, like a 3D printer drawing directly onto the skin. Slowly the body emerges, encased in a dripping wet readymade prosthetic. It is a physical glitch, a manifestation of corrupt data in motion, a digital artefact. They hang from hooks like a collection of strange beasts and frozen avatars. body prints, imperfect and distorted and always utterly unique." - Bart Hess via

(Source: sarabande)


Kneeling Man Embracing a Standing Woman, Gustav Vigeland


Yu Yamauchi - Mt. Fuji, 2006-2009


Brienz, Switzerland | by Patryk Sadowski


Dragon Mist | China (by Marcel Proust )